We are the largest location based advertising company in Sri Lanka

Our LED screens afford advertisers the opportunity to promote their brand-commercials with a higher frequency where greater brand visibility attracts their potential target markets.


An entertainment channel housed within luxury and semi-luxury buses, that’s focused on grabbing a multitude of passengers’ instant attention whilst on the move.


A lifestyle advertising medium within the city’s high-end salons where a 32″ LED TV monitor provides quality entertainment to patrons along with a super opportunity to advertisers.


LED display monitors located at well-established medical centers spread over Colombo aim to entertain patients and visitors alike targeting a large consumer public base.


Another audio-visual medium that’s designed to reach Colombo’s worker segment at locations such as the Department of Motor Traffic in Colombo and the Registrar of Motor Vehicles in Werahera.


A one-of-a-kind advertising concept covering a range of pharmacies situated in the city, functioning as a reminder for consumers who are about to make a purchase.


To make a solid impact on Colombo’s youth market segment in addition to Sri Lanka’s ever evolving consumer community.


A unique advertising medium that avails itself to a network of private Educational Institutes to capture the ever-growing youth audience of Colombo.


A website that showcases the culinary talents of Colombo’s much reputed chefs who promote their unique dishes from Sri Lanka’s fast-rising gourmet landscape.


My Jobs offers super opportunities for job-seekers and employers alike with a novel communications platform to link up online.


These are the latest Touch-screen Kiosks that can be used at events, exhibitions and for marketing promotions to increase engagement and create a high-tech digital experience.

About US

We constantly work towards building online and offline platforms on which we enable our clients to engage with their relevant target groups. Our main business revolves around location-based digital display marketing where we provide digital advertising solutions over a large network of locations. We partner with our clients in carrying out various marketing promotional activities in order to better connect them with their customers and help guide them towards building positive and intelligent marketing strategies. We pioneered in designing new perspectives to develop marketing communications on emerging platforms and we are currently focused on leading the Sri Lankan market to evolve from traditional media marketing techniques and help our clients streamline their marketing communication efforts to reach even greater heights.


Emerging Media began its first digital display project “Bus TV” in 2009 by placing digital screens within luxury buses and focused on reaching Sri Lanka’s mass market. In 2011 the company identified another strategic opportunity and advertised in Sri Lanka’s premium salons. There began our first high-end advertising channel which was branded as Sri Lanka’s exclusive Lifestyle medium. TV Salon gave our clients the opportunity to advertise on a network of 45 top range salons in Colombo and Emerging Media reserved the rights to run Dialog TV content in these salons during business hours, revolutionizing the concept of out-of-house promotions in Sri Lanka.

Emerging Media branched into various digital display concepts that were developed based on the best locations to attract customer attention. We offered our clients the chance to advertise on LED Screens and promoted their brand messages at some of Sri Lanka’s prime locations. This form of publicity afforded them a greater visibility in order to create top-of-the-mind recall and greater brand awareness We work with our ever-expanding clientele to focus special attention on marketing communications and promotions. We introduced the Interactive Screen as an all-new concept where we engaged customers by using creative and innovative methods to approach the relevant consumer groups through this cutting-edge technology. Myjobs.lk was launched in 2015 which helped create a bridge within the job market in Sri Lanka. The site is associated with Mydeal.lk and has partnered with Dialog TV in an effort to improve our digital marketing efforts in the country.

On the 20th of August 2015 Emerging Media launched Myjobs.lk which is an effort to create a bridge within the job market in Sri Lanka. We are also associates of Mydeal.lk, and have partnered with Dialog TV in an effort to improve our digital marketing efforts in Sri Lanka


To be the most powerful digital advertising network in
Sri Lanka.


To be the best location based digital advertising company within the next five years in Sri Lanka.


Integrity: We strive to serve with ethics to uphold our long established reputation of integrity in all our business relationships.

Innovation: We are pioneers to the emergence of technology and the ability to hone our skills in interest of the progress of the digital media industry.

Progression: We are driven as a team to work towards the expansion of our business services and expand our digital reach.

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