Emerging Media Partners with CIM Sri Lanka for 17th CIM Annual Conference 2017

Sri Lanka’s Largest Outdoor Digital Advertising Network, Emerging Media partnered with CIM Sri Lanka as the Official Outdoor Digital Media Partner for the 17th CIM Annual Conference 2017 held on the 17th and 18th July 2017 at the Cinnamon Grand Colombo. The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Going Digital’ with the primary focus on digital transformation, convergence and marketing automation. These have been strong focus areas for Emerging Media as an organization where its prime objective has been to encourage the use of digital platforms versus traditional means of advertising by streamlining the digital and online solutions provided to its clients. With the development and trends to Internet of Things (IoT) where all devices are connected and content can be viewed from any device any time, Emerging Media has started the trend for marketing automation by providing services from digital signage to online platform management for content. The CIM Annual Conference covered topics in the digital field related to Internet of Things (IoT), digital disruption and many more related areas that are very relevant to modern businesses.

Emerging Media has been promoting digital media platforms in the local market since inception and has advocated the adoption of new technologies that are eco-friendly to provide advertising solutions that are environment friendly. It is a company that has recognized the need of businesses for new and advanced technological means to convey messages to customers moving away from traditional forms of advertising. It has promoted the marketing automation process encourages more organizations to use digital platforms and getting online. It has micro segmented the market with the diversified indoor digital mediums like Salon TV, Medi TV, Motor TV etc. catering to specific user groups.

About Emerging Media (Pvt) Ltd

Emerging Media was incorporated in 2009 with the objective of introducing Digital Advertising to the local market. It has fuelled investments of more than 250 million in digital infrastructure in the country and continues to diversify with technology and innovation. It commenced operations with the introduction of ‘Bus TV’ by installing TV’s inside busses and running entertainment content and advertising. Thereafter, Emerging Media further expanded into outdoor LED advertising, which was a mass market medium that made the company a location based digital advertising pioneer in Sri Lanka. The success of gaining a growing clientele from the LED advertising medium allowed Emerging Media to focus on indoor digital mediums diversifying into Salon TV, Medi TV, Motor TV, Uni TV, Cinaplex TV, Shopping TV and Keells TV which cater to specific target segments. Emerging Media has also diversified into online advertising platforms with the introduction of myJobs.lk which is a virtual recruitment specialist and CookingTV.lk which is a food network.For more information visit www.emergingmedia.lk or call 0112447662.

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