Emerging Media Partners with Colombo Fashion Week’s ‘Swim Week Colombo’

Sri Lanka’s Largest Outdoor Digital Advertising Network, Emerging Media partnered with Colombo Fashion Week’s ‘Swim Week Colombo’ as the official outdoor digital media partner for the event. ‘Colombo Swim Week’ was held on the 30th June and 1st July 2017 at the Hilton Poolside and showcased the latest of designs of our very own local talent.
The theme of this year’s event was ‘Green Conscious and Earth Sensitive’ which is a part of a greater global cause toward the environment. From inception, Emerging Media has advocated the adoption of new technologies that are eco-friendly to provide advertising solutions that do not harm the environment. As the world moves from traditional advertising to digital platforms that are more measurable and targeted, Emerging Media identified this gap in Sri Lanka and has provided a range of outdoor digital advertising solutions in the local market. Traditional outdoor visibility mediums such as hoarding, gantries etc, causes harm to the environment due to the waste of material on the flex and provides only one client visibility in the long term from a property. Emerging Media’s proposition is more eco-friendly and more clients can utilize a given location in a more interactive way which also provides high value for money in the long term.

About Emerging Media (Pvt) Ltd
Emerging Media was incorporated in 2009 with the objective of introducing Digital Advertising to the local market. It has fuelled investments of more than 250 million in digital infrastructure in the country and continues to diversify with technology and innovation. It commenced operations with the introduction of ‘Bus TV’ by installing TV’s inside busses and running entertainment content and advertising. Thereafter, Emerging Media further expanded into outdoor LED advertising, which was a mass market medium that made the company a location based digital advertising pioneer in Sri Lanka. The success of gaining a growing clientele from the LED advertising medium allowed Emerging Media to focus on indoor digital mediums diversifying into Salon TV, Medi TV, Motor TV, Uni TV, Cinaplex TV, Shopping TV and Keells TV which cater to specific target segments. Emerging Media has also diversified into online advertising platforms with the introduction of myJobs.lk which is a virtual recruitment specialist and CookingTV.lk which is a food network. For more information visit www.emergingmedia.lk or call 0112447662.

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