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By combining the use of technology, insights, creativity and analytical expertise, Emerging Media gives you the ultimate brand experience in the digital space with indoor and outdoor screens placed in more than 200+ prime locations.


outdoor led advertising srilanka

Outdoor LED advertising screens

Captivate the moving audience with dynamic and targeted advertisingcampaigns on the largest location based outdoor digital display network in Sri Lanka. 

indoor advertising srilanka

Indoor LED advertising screens

Our Indoor Mediums guarantee to transmit your brand message to the righttarget audience.  

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Devices Sale and Rental

Experience the best recommendation on your short term (Rental) and long term(Purchases) investments on Digital Signage and hardware solutions.

Outdoor Advertising Mediums

Digital LED Screens/Locations-OutDoor

Indoor Advertising Mediums

Digital LED Screens/Locations-Indoor

Advertise Inside Colombo Salons

Grooming Industry being one ofthe fastest growing industries, Salons are an ideal medium to create brandawareness among the style and glamour crowd. The average waiting and servicetime in salons is between 2-4 hours. With the presence of TV screens placed in50 leading salons in Colombo, we help our clients to effectively achieve theirmarketing objectives. 

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Advertise Inside Shopping Malls

Shopping centers are the ideal location to grabthe attention of the shopaholics. The leisure- centered atmosphere in shoppingmalls help to influence the purchase decision of the consumers. At EmergingMedia, our aim is to attract customers for your business through screens placedinside shopping malls such as Crescat Boulevard, Majestic City, Liberty Plaza and IndependenceArcade.

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Advertise Inside Hospitals

The modern healthcare industry is one of the world’s largestand fastest-growing industries. With over 1000’s of patients visiting hospitalson a daily basis, Emerging Media has taken the initiative of placing LED TV’sin main hospitals and health guard pharmacies in the Colombo area, giving ourclients the opportunity to engage with potential customers.

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Advertise Inside WTC

World Trade Center is the home to prestigious local, international and multinationalcompanies and also the most sought-after business address in the country. If yourtarget market is the middle and upper class corporates, expatriates, touristsand high profile individuals WTC is the ideal location to communicate yourbrand message. 

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Fitness Tv

Pursuinghealth and wellness is more popular than ever with consumers, allowingthe fitness industry to push into new verticalsand reach a wider audience than ever before. With the presence of TV screens placed in premium gyms, Emerging Media hastaken the initiative to target the niche market of health and fitness conscious consumers.

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Advertise Your Brand Message Inside Buses

Unlike conventional TV, commuters travelling on buses cannot switch channels and are compelled to watch what is running on TVs placed inside buses. By advertising on Emerging Media’s network of bus TV screens, you can pitch your brand message across to a commuting audience. Whether it’s a family, working professionals, school children or tourists finding their way, Bus TV is an excellent mode of advertisement as well as entertainment, with low costs being an added benefit. Total number of screens - 32

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Advertise Inside Railway stations

Withapproximately 100,000 passengers travelling per day, Fort Railway is a strong advertisingplatform to reach your target audience and to create the right impact. Usingclever creative strategies, you can get the passengers to start talking aboutyour brand while they wait on the platform for their next train to arrive. That’swhy at Emerging Media, we think train station advertising is a great way tocreate brand visibility. 

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Always be in front of your clients

We are the largest location based digital advertising network in Sri Lanka

We combine the best of technology, insights, creativity & analytical expertise to provide you withthe ultimate brand experience in the digital space.


To be the best location based digital advertising company within the next five years in Sri Lanka. .

To be the most powerful digital advertising network in Sri Lanka.

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